August 2 - 9, 2011

The earth is an offering

The earth is an offering

The Centre d'Image et de l'Estampe de Mirabel (CIEM) welcomes Kanehsatake youth in a program of creative apprenticeship in which the results never cease to astonish.

The techniques of printmaking become access roads, beacons, ways out, uncharted courses, and spaces that invite further travel. The young printmakers of Kanehsatake are the cartographers of their universe. In deploying the maps of their heritage, imaginations, and hopes, the artists open up the vast and intimate territory that expands the self towards the other and the other towards the self.

An exhibition proposed by Suzie Pilon, coordinator of the Centre d'Image et de l'Estampe de Mirabel (CIEM).

Located in Mirabel, the CIEM provides equipment and instructors of the highest quality to the youth of Kanehsatake in the context of a training program. This initiation in the traditional techniques of printmaking and new image-making technologies has culminated in this touring exhibition